LeetCode - Subsets

Jul 5 14:01 2018    Author :  liuhe

Given a set of distinct integers, nums, return all possible subsets (the power set).


LeetCode - Frog Jump

Jul 1 13:36 2018    Author :  liuhe

A frog is crossing a river. The river is divided into x units and at each unit there may or may not exist a stone. The frog can jump on a stone, but it must not jump into the water.


LeetCode - First Missing Positive

Jun 27 21:37 2018    Author :  liuhe

Given an unsorted integer array, find the smallest missing positive integer.


LeetCode - Expression Add Operators

Jun 26 23:28 2018    Author :  liuhe

Given a string that contains only digits 0-9 and a target value, return all possibilities to add binary operators (not unary) +, -, or *between the digits so they evaluate to the target value.


LeetCode - Group Anagrams

Jun 25 11:49 2018    Author :  liuhe

Given an array of strings, group anagrams together.